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Remove Anxiety and Stress, Talking Therapy -NLP, weight loss consultations with IEMT


  • Weight Management using IEMT
  • PTSD & Combat Stress
  • Talking Therapy - NLP
  • How can NLP help me?
  • Confidence / Self Esteem
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Weight Loss Coaching Packages

Trade Bodies / Associations

Member of the Professional Guild of NLP
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Therapist - IEMT for Weight Loss
Certified Integral Eye Movement Practitioner
Coach for Sparkinside - Charity that reduces re-offending by offering Life Coaching within custody

Talking Therapy with NLP Practitioner Nicky Mitchell

As your Life Coach I first and foremost ask you questions ! The answers to these questions gives me information about how you cope with day to day life. I am then able to help you to move forward in these areas where you may be feeling stuck. 
We look at HOW you manage to do the things you do rather than WHY. This gives you a greater understanding of what really makes you tick and how unintentionally you may have been holding yourself back.
I give you easy to use techniques that will re train your brain to respond rather than re act automatically, this gives you the control to move forward in your life .The  great thing is these easy to use techniques soon become second nature and you end up living the life you have always wanted !
I also use IEMT and the beauty of this is we can work content free. I just need to know how you are feeling now and how you want to be feeling instead. This means you do not have to re live any painful or traumatic experiences.
I work in a flexible, relaxed manner and my approach is tailored to suit you as an individual. We move forward at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Get rid of your Fears or Phobias

Whatever your phobia eg: a fear of spiders, flying, needles etc, NLP will resolve the problem within 1 - 2 sessions.

If your daily routine has become dominated by a need to follow certain rituals and is overwhelming you, then NLP will help. You will learn to implement positive thought patterns and behaviour, enabling you to free yourself from limiting thoughts and actions.

Weight Management using IEMT & NLP

In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you first need to understand your relationship with food and the emotions linked to your eating habits.
Food can be an emotional issue Its never about the food itself it is always linked to an underlying emotion

NLP and /or IEMTwill allow you to enjoy a happy healthy relationship with food by changing your attitude towards it.

Using NLP Techniques, you will eat when hungry, stop when full and no longer get caught in the trap of Yo - Yo dieting.

Usually successful weight loss can be achieved by 1- 2 sessions, followed by monthly visits if required.

Do you need to control your Anger?

Recognise what triggers your anger and learn to dispell the emotion behind it to enable you to gain the response you truly desire.
Using the tools and resources of NLP you can meet the challenges of today's high pressure lifestyle, enabling you to overcome obstacles.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur after being exposed to a severely stressful event where physical and/or emotional harm occurred or was threatened.
Are you a member of the Military who experienced combat and are having problems controlling your emotions?

NLP and IEMT will eliminate the flashbacks and emotional anguish without the need to re-live the event or to go into any details and talk about what actually happened.

Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence is a state of mind.
Confidence comes from feelings of well being, acceptance of yourself and a belief in your own ability, skills and experience.
Self confidence can show in many ways,
Your behaviour, your body language, how you speak etc.
If you suffer with low self confidence it can be very destructive, it holds you back and often leads to negativity.
The good news is that becoming more confident is very achievable as it really is a mindset ! That's where I come in

Working together we will take stock of where you are now , where you want to be and what needs to happen to get you there. Using NLP techniques we will focus on your strengths, set goals and banish negative self talk ! All I need from you is the focus and determination to carry it through.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Usually when suffering with OCD you will have uncontrollable re-occurring thoughts and behaviours that you feel the urge to repeat over and over again. Often these repeated thoughts and urges that cause anxiety are about

Fear of germs and contamination
Unwanted thoughts
Aggressive thoughts towards yourself or others.
Having everything in perfect order
Excessive hand washing
Repeatedly checking on things
Compulsive counting

If compulsions and obsessions are ruling your life then NLP will allow you to control them and understand why you do what you do so in turn giving you the power to eliminate the behaviour all together.


Feeling a certain amount of anxiety in life from time to time is normal such as before an important event and can be quite useful. Problems occur however when your anxiety takes hold of you and starts to rule your life and stops you from doing the things you want to be doing !

In a nutshell anxiety is created by an over arousal of our Autonomic nervous system, it goes back to when we were cavemen, its our Fight or Flight instincts kicking in and going a bit haywire.
When we become afraid that something could harm us in some way this causes us to feel anxious, often these feelings are totally irrational but so real !

Working together using NLP I will help you to recognise your triggers and then teach you to manage the anxiety so that within a matter of weeks the feelings no longer exist...

Weight Loss Coaching Packages

The benefits of engaging in a package is that it will provide you with that extra edge as we always start with the 21 day intensive so you will gain a greater sense of purpose and direction from that.

Following up with regular sessions thereafter, which we book in advance, will provide a deeper commitment and momentum from us both as we know at the end of the duration we need to have achieved our end goal!
Its much more measurable than ad hoc sessions, we are both accountable!

There are Three different levels of package and the continual support throughout provides you with a safety net if you feel you may need one.

Please call me to discuss your needs and the investment you will be making towards a slimmer healthier you.

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Terms: Any Service or ex-Service men / women attending an NLP session with Nicky for PTSD or Stress & Anxiety will benefit from a 20% discount

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Products and Services

Counselling, Nlp

Talking therapy to help you move away from negative thought patterns and behaviour and start living the life you deserve. IEMT will collapse traumatic events that are keeping you stuck without the need to go over the past. we can work content free

Price: £70 per session

Weight Loss Management

Food can be an emotional issue. In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you first need to understand your relationship with food and the emotions linked to your eating habits.

Price: £70 per session

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University Exam Anxiety "I just wanted to message you to say the most massive THANK YOU - I did it! I sat my exam this afternoon. I am so so proud of myself and I could not have done it without your help. So thank you so much".   VJ  


I am really delighted with how my sessions went with you. I have lost 2 stone in weight and feel that I definitely now have control over food. I have used your techniques to get through Christmas (a little bit extra but definitely under my control). I have even been to the gym several times on my own and am really enjoying it. If I feel my eating is getting slightly out of control I take myself back to our sessions and practice everything you taught me again until it comes easily. I can even sit and watch other people eat things that I would have craved before and not feel the slightest bit envious as I know if I want it I can have it but I choose not to. I don't miss the chocolate, the small quantity I have eaten I have liked, but not loved! The only thing I sometimes crave is real crisps! If the feeling gets too great I can now allow myself a small bag and know that will be enough. I used to eat a bag everyday and sometimes 2 or 3. All my family have said how much happier I seem in myself and a lot of people are noticing the reduction in weight. Thanks so much Nicky you have given me control over my life.


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